Saturday, January 4, 2014

Caregivers are often isolated and feel alone
Do you find that you feel stressed and have little time for yourself?  In fact, you probably do not have a clue what you want or need anymore because you are so deeply involved with others.   Well there is one place where you can come and feel "safe" and ventilate these common feelings without guilt or judgement.  Support groups offer this kind of environment because you are NOT ALONE. COPE was started as a program to reach out to the caregiver and be a listening ear, a friend when needed, and a place of refuge should you need a few hours away for yourself.  C.O.P.E. also provides education on Compassion Fatigue and other topics that may well affect your health.  Take that first step....and come to a meeting or an event and start taking care of yourself.  When the caregiver is well, the patient you are caring for will benefit!


                      Mission Statement: To promote education to caregivers, allowing them to keep a balance in mind, body, and spirit, while caring for others....

Do you feel anger, frustration. guilt, helplessness, anxiety or are just overwhelmed with caregiving?  Do you need someone to just understand?                                                   

COPE aims to reach out to the hurting community of caregivers (professional and non professionals) by continuing to offer support groups and 1 on 1 talk time.  We offer a small library and comfortable seating for you to get away from it all.
This is YOUR "HAVEN "and YOUR safe place to relax a little.

Support Groups--The first Thursday of every month we offer a support group from 5:30-7pm.  All caregivers over the age of 21 are welcome.  Please call Judy at 219-688-5288 to be sure nothing has changed.

Educational Workshops--will be announced. Compassion Fatigue (CF) continues to be my passion so I will be more than glad to offer you this workshop upon request.  It is important that all learn about this to keep yourselves from becoming overly stressed and recognize the signs of needing help.  Other workshops to follow.

NEW--We now have a "walk in day" where you can come anytime between 1-6pm on Wednesdays and enjoy reading or talking or work on some art.  It's YOUR chill out time and again, I encourage you to call first. 

For those who wish to talk but cannot make these times--you may call and set up an appointment and we can have 1 on 1 time.  Many people feel the need for this and it gives you a chance to ventilate with no one else hearing you

Disclaimer:  Judy is an RN and is not a counselor. " Talk time" provides emotional support and encouragement.
         Location:                         Fairmont Building
                                           9245 Calumet Ave. Suite 102
                                                 Munster, IN 46321

                  This is just 2 doors north of the Red lobster and across from the Pepsi Plant. 
Any questions call Judy at 219-688-5288 and you may also write to

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Who is a caregiver?  A caregiver is someone who cares for another.  It maybe in a professional setting such as nurses, dr's, chaplains, veterinarians  (yep-you are included in here also) and many more.  Then the non-professional caregiver is someone such as a sitter or loved one caring for a family member at home or in a nursing home.  You could be a parent caring for a child that has many needs. If you feel you need help for what ever reason--you may join us. 

                                         Remember--we are all helped by each other!

COPE is a 501 (C) 3 organization-non profit and is FREE.  Any donations are greatly appreciated to help keep Cope running.

We talk about all types of illnesses....not just 1 or 2 major illnesses so you need not feel like you don't fit in.  Open to all people with all types of issues on caregiving.  We are a small group for the most part and many find this very comforting.